In January 2018, I recorded my first podcast episode for All About Your Benjamins The Podcast, which is an extension of my written blog. In these episodes you can expect to hear my guests and me discuss topics related to financial planning, investing, personal finance, personal development, entrepreneurship, nutrition, and wellness.

Instead of just getting my thoughts, listeners have the opportunity to hear from some of the brightest minds in finance.

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And if one podcast wasn’t enough, in June 2018 my friend Kevin from and I started recording a weekly podcast called Reversion To The Mean. On this podcast, we discuss the week’s best posts from Finance Twitter (FinTwit).

You can expect a new episode every Monday and can subscribe via iTunes by CLICKING HERE.

I hope the podcasts serve as another platform to help educate and communicate with clients and listeners. Just as my blog helps me stay up to date in the always changing world of finance and become a better advisor, recording both podcasts also helps me learn and better myself thanks to my tremendous guests; I’m learning right along with my audience.