Fusion- “a merging of diverse, distinct, or separate elements into a unified whole”


Initial Fee: $750

Monthly Subscription beginning month 2: $150

We know that not everyone needs comprehensive financial planning; early in your career there is still a need for advice and basic planning, but not necessarily the in-depth relationships that our advisory and wealth management clients require. Typically, young professionals fit this profile.

RLS Wealth Management realizes that there are young professionals who want help, but can’t get the advice they are looking for because they do not meet advisor minimums for assets to manage…aka, they don’t have enough money. The clients that we work with in the WealthFusion™ program also aren’t satisfied with the industry’s newest trend of “robo-advisors”–they still want the personal touch of working with an advisor, not just logging into a website. With WealthFusion, RLWM has created the ideal compromise between the wealth management and robo-advisor relationships.

With the WealthFusion™ program, clients have an asset allocation program that includes model portfolio management, access to financial planning software, and most importantly, access to a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional via an annual meeting and scheduled conference calls/video chats. Rather than pay a fee based on assets under management, clients will simply pay a monthly bill–think of it as another utility bill. We expect many of our WealthFusion™ clients to transition to the advisory and wealth management relationship as their personal situation requires more attention and greater detail.

“Money is a very personal, emotional, and sensitive topic. I don’t think that a relationship with an actual living and breathing person should be sacrificed because a client is in the early stages of their career. With WealthFusion, we are able to work with younger professionals who understand that planning for the future needs to start today, and they want someone who will be there to guide them to make wise decisions with their money.”

– Justin Castelli, CFP®, CIMA®

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